Saturday, January 29, 2011


Salam Semua!!!
mcm ne ri ni??happy x??heheh
hope smua cm ni!!!!
personally... i love  business..doing business let me meet people..interact with them..learn how to tackle them.. how to make sure they satisfied with my product..:)
surely.. with business..i meet new frens!!! yeah..
person who i can share any idea or opinion either bout business or others!!:)..
.. start with helping my sis in law selling Jubah from Dubai..yeah!! design die cantik2 tau!!heheh..
then.. ana gift idea selling korea clothes!!!
here.. if u want to buy clothes!!! ===> ..Lovelyfashion sTuff.. (",) 3 get 10% discount!!hehehe..
then.. ana n i start selling tudung.. beginning of our business.. ya..everything ok..but then ana n i started working..(ana at maybank)... we don't have time to entertain our dear costumer!! :(..
so now.. business tudung kami agak slow.. ( I'm trying hard to make it happen again!!)..pray for me us ya!!(",)..
tuk tudung..klik sinii...===> Chanteq Hijab=P
tgh usaha catch up keje semua!!then..kami akan smbg...(skang ni ngah nk clean kan sume stock dlu!!!)...
so jom tgk..clearance dlu!!heheh..:)
ya.. i have my own dream in business...(",)..hope i get enough time tuk kumpul smua modal..insyALLAH...:)

itu sahaja tuk kali ini..sekdr share minat sy yg br nak start nie..pray the best for me ya..(",)...
supaya sy dpt membahagi masa dgn baek...
supaya busniness sy dpt diterima org lain..
supaya sy berjaya...(",)..
InsyaALLAH,.. semua ats usaha kite.. InsyaALLAH.. ALLAH akan bantu...



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